Covid-19 made outplacement even more important for companies

The need for more environmentally efficient and safer vehicles makes automakers invest in electric cars. And according to the headhunters, hiring will increase, but the profile of the automakers’ professionals is changing to candidates with digital skills. The lack of digital skills is hampering digital transformation in 54% of organizations. And that gap is widening: […]

United HR announces the company’s investments and acquisitions in March 2021 and job creation

United HR, empresa especializada em contratação de executivos, anuncia os investimentos que foram feitos este mês por empresas multinacionais e nacionais no Brasil. “Seguindo todas as orientações e protocolos da OMS, assim como dos órgãos nacional e estaduais, interrompendo as atividades logo que determinado pelo Governo, as empresas fazem um amplo investimento para quando voltarmos […]

How to keep your job after mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can be daunting, but not for those who are prepared. The union of two companies, generates job overlaps, layoffs and opportunities. Many do not adapt to new policies and practices, and starting to work with people from other organizations and even different nationalities and reporting to new leaders who do not know […]

Amid economic stagnation by the new coronavirus, infrastructure works boost job creation in construction companies according to United HR data

The relationship between investments in infrastructure and jobs is total, believes the president of UNITED HR, Márcio Miranda. For the executive, the resumption of investments in Brazil has the potential to generate a new cycle of economic expansion, and to resume the generation of jobs. The Infrastructure Brazil Consortium took over the operation of 1,273 […]

Covid-19 made outplacement even more important for companies

Research carried out by a specialized career consultancy indicates that companies are investing in the dismissal of their employees. Outplacement can help layoffs to plan their careers and succeed in their professional lives. The dismissal can generate insecurities and anxieties that need to be addressed in the outplacement. The pandemic has impacted all organizations, sectors […]

Easter generates more than 10,000 job vacancies to meet the demand

With Easter, job vacancies in various sectors increase. Companies are adapted to face the pandemic. United HR is optimistic about the 2021 results and points out that the contracts started from August 2020 to Easter 2021. Last year, the date was close to the beginning of the implementation of the quarantine and social distance measures […]