Amid economic stagnation by the new coronavirus, infrastructure works boost job creation in construction companies according to United HR data

24 de March de 2021

The relationship between investments in infrastructure and jobs is total, believes the president of UNITED HR, Márcio Miranda. For the executive, the resumption of investments in Brazil has the potential to generate a new cycle of economic expansion, and to resume the generation of jobs.

The Infrastructure Brazil Consortium took over the operation of 1,273 km of roads, with an investment of R $ 14 billion, in a contract generating 7000 jobs.

With the signing of the contract, the new concessionaire assumes this June the 1,273 km, the largest road network ever tendered in Brazil, for a period of 30 years. The extension covers 12 highways, passing through 62 municipalities in the state. Part of Km (1,055) was under the responsibility of the DER. Of the total investments planned over the contractual period, approximately R $ 1.5 billion will be invested in the first two years of the concession.

The Londrina PR University Hospital is investing R $ 5 million to equip 120 beds in the fight against the coronavirus.

Pátio Limeira Shopping announced that it will invest R $ 80 million in an expansion of its structure, in a land of 10,300 square meters. Completion scheduled for 2021, generating 700 direct jobs and 2,000 indirect ones.

Grupo Muffato announced the construction of its fourth unit in Rio Preto SP, which has an investment of R $ 45 million. The supermarket and hypermarket chain project is expected to generate 420 new jobs.

The Ministry of Health published an investment of R $ 3.2 million in the Official Gazette of the Federal Government to qualify 179 beds in small hospitals. These units are prepared and equipped to receive patients who need to undergo different treatments, which are not related to the coronavirus. The objective is for the reference and larger hospitals to concentrate hospitalizations for critically ill or very serious patients with the coronavirus.

With an investment of R $ 40 million, Condor Super Center opens its third store in Joinville SC. With a total area of ​​10,900 m² and 3,200 m² of sales area, the new hypermarket will generate 270 jobs and make Condor the largest supply chain in the city.

The Government of BA is investing around R $ 500 million in more than 200 construction works, expansion, renovation, maintenance and agreements in the health area. Only in interventions aimed at opening new beds in coronavirus units (Covid-19), the amount exceeds R $ 41 million. The portfolio has approximately 40 agreements with the municipalities and about 110 works of different sizes and complexities are in progress.

Grupo Muffato will inaugurate its new Max Atacadista unit in Catanduva SP. The enterprise will generate 300 jobs in the city, of which 200 direct. Among the innovations that the company takes to Catanduva is the launch of the Max Atacadista application, which includes features such as inserts and videos of offers, access to the Crediffato card and offers for WhatsApp.

The supermarket chain Pague Menos has already started operating its new Distribution Center, located in Santa Bárbara d’Oeste SP. With 200 thousand m² of total area, it received R $ 150 million in investments. According to the retailer, the new plant will serve all current stores and will also guarantee the expansion plan for the coming years.

The owner of Frigorífico Gold Carnes, Leonice Oliveira, informed that she will invest R $ 56 million in the construction of a slaughter unit, with an initial forecast of 500 pigs and 500 cattle. The capacity, however, will be to slaughter 1,000 pigs and 2000 cattle.

The State Government of MS plans to build an industrial and business hub in the municipality of Jaraguari. The space will have 99 hectares separated into 20 blocks.

Fort Atacadista, the Pereira Group’s Atacarejo flag, opened its 40th store, located in São Bento do Sul SC. The new unit has 3,400 m² of sales area, about 8000 items in the assortment, 20 checkouts – 4 of which are self-service – and parking with 270 spaces.

One of the largest companies in Salvador do Sul, Mega Embalagens, expanded its production line. In addition to the physical expansion, the Salvadorian company acquired new equipment of national and international technology. Mega works with products for the Pet Food, Personal Care, Food, Agribusiness and Industrial segments, both domestically and abroad.

The MA State Government is increasing the number of beds for Covid-19 in the Santa Inês macro-region. 22 clinical beds and 16 ICU beds will be installed.

FCA, in partnership with Comau, invested R $ 3.5 million to install the surgical mask factory with the capacity to produce up to 1.5 million units per month in Betim MG.

Rumo signed a second addendum of concession that gives Malha Paulista the right to extend the term of its contract. Investments are R $ 6.1 billion in the same period.

The City Hall of Arapongas, PR will invest R $ 3.4 million in paving roads and in sports spaces.

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