United HR reveals that job vacancies for CEOs and executives who present results in corporate social responsibility actions have increased

The appreciation of the professional who works in social responsibility projects has attracted the attention of investors and candidates. CSR, (Corporate Social Responsibility), is the set of practices that express the company’s commitment to transparent ethics and focused on the development of the existing community around its enterprise, including the preservation of the environment, reduction […]

United HR informs that investments in airport concessions can generate thousands of job openings

Investments in infrastructure accelerate the economy. Concessions made at Brazilian airports this month have a positive impact on the employability of thousands of people. According to a survey by the company United HR (international outplacement and executive search consultancy), the projects currently included in the federal government’s airport concession portfolio have the potential to create […]

Covid-19 made outplacement even more important for companies

The need for more environmentally efficient and safer vehicles makes automakers invest in electric cars. And according to the headhunters, hiring will increase, but the profile of the automakers’ professionals is changing to candidates with digital skills. The lack of digital skills is hampering digital transformation in 54% of organizations. And that gap is widening: […]

United HR announces the company’s investments and acquisitions in March 2021 and job creation

United HR, empresa especializada em contratação de executivos, anuncia os investimentos que foram feitos este mês por empresas multinacionais e nacionais no Brasil. “Seguindo todas as orientações e protocolos da OMS, assim como dos órgãos nacional e estaduais, interrompendo as atividades logo que determinado pelo Governo, as empresas fazem um amplo investimento para quando voltarmos […]

Covid-19 made outplacement even more important for companies

Research carried out by a specialized career consultancy indicates that companies are investing in the dismissal of their employees. Outplacement can help layoffs to plan their careers and succeed in their professional lives. The dismissal can generate insecurities and anxieties that need to be addressed in the outplacement. The pandemic has impacted all organizations, sectors […]

Easter generates more than 10,000 job vacancies to meet the demand

With Easter, job vacancies in various sectors increase. Companies are adapted to face the pandemic. United HR is optimistic about the 2021 results and points out that the contracts started from August 2020 to Easter 2021. Last year, the date was close to the beginning of the implementation of the quarantine and social distance measures […]

United HR Salary Guide for 2021 in the Human Resources area presents salaries ranging from R $ 13 thousand to R $ 80 thousand

According to data from the United HR salary guide (international executive search and outplacement company), the Human Resources department of all companies had great value in the challenges in 2020 that continue in 2021. Labor regulations, adaptation of the home- office, humanized dismissals (outplacement), provisional government measures, increased productivity, employee health. The concern of the […]

United HR Salary Guide for 2021 in the marketing and commercial area presents salaries ranging from R $ 10,000 to R $ 140,000

Research on the profile of lawyers in companies in 2021, carried out by United HR (International consultancy for executive search and outplacement), points out that the legal department is one of the sectors with the most interfaces within companies, establishing dialogues from the private sector. purchases, sales, even marketing. The company’s legal department is important […]

United HR Salary Guide for 2021 in the engineering area presents salaries ranging from R $ 16 thousand to R $ 100 thousand.

In view of the scenario of uncertainty caused by the pandemic of the new Coronavirus, companies have shown themselves to be insecure about the future. To understand this scenario and gather information about planning to resume hiring, United HR (international outplacement and executive search company) spoke with leaders of large organizations. In Sustainable Engineering, the […]