United HR salary guide shows salaries ranging from R $ 25 thousand to R $ 70 thousand in the area of Information Technology for 2021

Every digital transformation brought prominence to the information technology professional. All business models had to be reevaluated and innovated with great speed, guaranteeing a salary survey carried out by United HR (Outplacement Consultancy and Executive Search) with thousands of companies from different sectors. “In order to attract technology talent and retain them, many companies have […]

The “Dance Of Chairs” In The Corporate World For CEOs Has Begun

With the resumption of the economy companies need cash, the ability to build partnerships is valued. As well as the ability to establish a clear vision of how that sector will be able to develop in the next 5 years. “All CEOs are being analyzed inside and outside companies, everyone wants to know the capabilities […]

Research shows that companies seek leaders adapted to digital transformation and innovations

Companies have new demands caused by the speed that technology imposes and their managers have to be prepared for these transformations. Therefore, they must develop agile leadership and understand that areas such as human resources and logistics, for example, cannot do without technological knowledge. Leading people promotes important changes for a company and for society. […]

IT careers are favored by the expansion of the sector according to United HR data

No matter what the company is, all of them are more and more digitalized every year. Currently, there is a deficit of CIO (IT director) and IT managers), and this tends to intensify over the next few years. Says Márcio Miranda, Latam CEO of United HR, a company specialized in hiring senior management positions. In […]

Why do Companies hire Outplacement for their former employees?

Outplacement is known as a Human Resources process that is always done in the termination of your employee. It is a support for the professional, which makes them know how to better deal with the transition and their replacement in the increasingly competitive market. This process is often hired by the company in order to […]

United HR points out 10 signs that it is necessary to change jobs

1. & nbsp; Waking up to work causes discomfort and irritation. Start the week, but wishing it was still a pleasant weekend, especially if you had a good time on Saturday and Sunday. Prefer to be at home instead of working. 2. & nbsp; Amend holidays, or make excuses as someone fell ill in the […]

United HR relocation experts give tips on how to get an advisor position

In this year of 2020, executives were more demanded to join boards of directors, according to a survey by UNITED HR, an outplacement and executive search company. The movement occurred mainly in privately held medium-sized companies. Boards are usually made up of more senior professionals who bring their experience to contribute to new strategies. Márcio […]

How to keep your job after mergers and acquisitions

Many do not adapt to new policies and practices, & nbsp; and starting to work with people from other organizations and even different nationalities and reporting to new leaders who do not know you can create insecurities. Three specialists from & nbsp; United HR & nbsp; studied the subject – Márcio Miranda, Gustavo Apostolico and […]