Executive radically changes career, from IT Director of Consumer Goods Retail to Head of Marketing at an Applications Company

The economic crisis that the coronavirus has generated and will still have consequences for employability, according to leading career specialists. However, the complicated 2020 scenario in some cases became fertile ground for others, as was the case of e-commerce and applications, which became the center of attention and generated excellent employment opportunities, says Márcio Miranda, CEO of United HR Latam .

For Márcia Pillat, North America CEO of United HR, the growth of vacancies in the e-commerce sector is the result of innovations that were accelerated in all companies that had to accelerate all digital innovation projects. According to the United HR report, the indicators of global vacancies in applications and e-commerce showed a growth of 70% in 2021 compared to the previous year, this was mainly after the beginning of social isolation and which will continue to grow even with the end of the lockdown.

Actions to protect and combat COVID-19, such as limiting people traffic and closing retail during quarantine, have significantly increased online purchases and the use of applications, and technology companies generate development opportunities in other areas, he says. Marcia.

The United HR survey highlights that the sectors with the greatest prominence and growth in hiring were also hobby and bookstores, all linked to the consequences of social isolation for long periods, which generated new habits in consumers, says Alisson Soncine, Managing Director of United HR.

“A good way to release all the energy accumulated from the daily pressures of PANDEMIA and social isolation is to have a hobby. In physical activities such as wrestling, dancing, running, cycling or something more intellectual (reading) and artistic, you can channel all the energy and stress”, explains Alisson.

André Santos, Head of Marketing at Tocalivros, an audiobook company, previously worked in a consumer goods company as IT Director. He took on this challenge through United HR, an executive outplacement company, which developed a project and found a company that aligns with his career innovation goals.

“The Career Project developed with United HR gave me an advance in my career, to a position that can project my career in the future and in the long term, I accepted a challenge in another area and in another sector, I replaced the position Head of Marketing at an audiobook application company, after having worked as IT Director at a consumer goods retail company”

says André Santos Head of Marketing at Tocalivros.

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