Executive realigns his career with the help of Coaching

Nowadays, global society has evolved at an increasingly fast pace, thus bringing new demands and challenges to all people.

Today, people are looking for processes to develop and pursue their professional and personal achievements and the development of skills and rapid changes to achieve their goals.

In the corporate world it would be no different, we are subject to dealing with certain common indecisions in some stages of life, in which, the search for guidance at the right moment strengthens to follow the best path.

The coaching process is an instrument that is highly sought after by professionals and people for development in the pursuit of objectives and goals that brings robust tools for directing and carrying out action plans, thus generating autonomy, creative potential and change in attitude.

People who seek a Coach and submit to the methodology, become the protagonist of self-development. She who effectively decides what she wants to change and how much she is willing.

Therefore, you must be committed to your results, as well as reflect on the questions presented. Something fundamental that must be made very clear is that the coaching process takes place from the awakening and desire of the goal to be achieved by the interested person.

According to the coaching practices, there are characteristics that are fundamental, empathy, structure of dialogue and application, for a better viability and performance of the practice, bringing significant results in productivity, development of organizational intelligence, assertiveness in decision-making, improvement in the relationship and management of the teams.

Directors, presidents, shareholders of companies are looking for a structured process, as is Renato Drumond, who held coaching meetings to realign his goals and changes with United HR with Coach Flávia Volpe.

The Coaching project developed with Flávia Volpe at United HR boosted my career transition, I took a position at Instituto Mindset as Branch Manager, says Renato Drumond.

Through the behavioral analysis carried out it was possible to identify their strengths with precision and precision in their performance, in addition to the patience to work on projects with persistence and strategic realignment, strengthening their knowledge of professional directions.

Coaching serves as a stimulus for actions and partnerships to achieve true success in their areas of activity, being a rich instrument of human development that has aroused the interest of people and organizations today.

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