Executive uses the strategy of a career coach to return to the market and relocates to a large American multinational

Direct investments in the country (IDP) totaled US $ 33.9 billion in the first seven months of this year. The result was more than enough to cover the $ 6.0 billion deficit in the current account balance for the period.

Despite the turbulent political moment, as well as the conjuncture experienced by the national economy, negatively impacting the decision of direct investments by foreign companies, what was observed was an increase in their intentions to invest in Brazil.

The explanations for this fact are concentrated in the devaluation of the Real.

The assets of domestic companies have become relatively cheaper for foreign investors.

The prospect arises that, in the long run, the Brazilian economy will return to a more consistent and perennial growth.

It’s time to prepare the executive for this economic scenario, according to Márcia Pillat CEO North America of United HR, a company specialized in career coaching.

Executives who reposition themselves in times of crisis are the ones who set up precise strategies, adjusting quickly to changes in the economy, technological renewal and competitors.

The dispute for a position is very fierce. It is necessary to know who are the companies that are hiring, who are the investors in the macroeconomics.

We need to detail which sectors are growing.

The strategy of a career coach is not simple, detailed planning is necessary before the execution of a career planning project.

It must be aligned with the profile that companies are hiring.

The desired profile must be proactive and act as if you are the owner of the company.

Brazil is a storehouse of professionals who deliver results, however, the executive competes with thousands of others.

With the hard life that the companies had this year and with the resumption of the economy, the need for the company to have the executive with more aggressive competences arises.

The coach can help you develop the skills needed to be a successful executive in demand.

Maria Pestana, current Head of the multinational ReachLocal, took this position with the help of a career coach. She decided to hire United HR’s advisory, after exhausting all searches for an executive position.

In her career, she has worked for companies such as Lew’Lara \ TBWA, DPZ and DM9. Graduated from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Mackenzie and School of Visual Arts in New York.

European citizen, even with international academic training in top universities, fluency in languages, and experience in reputable companies in their sector were sufficient for the new position.

She needed to align her personal skills and abilities to the new challenge.

“Knowing Marcia Pillat coach CEO North America of United HR, was fundamental in my professional life, in addition to her competence in coaching and hunter, she is a person who knows how to evaluate and recommend professionals, from the most diverse areas, for new opportunities. . It is a privilege. ” Says Maria Pestana, Head at ReachLocal.

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