From retail to telecom, Rodrigo Piffer, executive at Droga Raia, took on a new position at Startup Viva de telecomunicações.

The telecommunications sector sees the opportunity for a merger and acquisition scenario as a perfect storm. In the opinion of United HR’s CEO, Marcio Miranda, the changes will require companies to be self-aware in order to review the context in which they will be inserted, assessing which asset base they want to have in the future – whether to divest or to acquire. Especially because the consolidation model can be different. “Instead of being between companies, it can be between infrastructures”.

Finnet, an integrator and developer of solutions for the financial areas of companies, announces the acquisition of the company Conciliadora de Cartão, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. The continuous amount in the operation was R $ 2.9 million. The board of directors of the Brazilian operator Algar Telecom approved the purchase of the entire share capital of Smart Telecomunicações e Serviços. The values ​​of the deal were not disclosed. The board of directors of the Brazilian operator Algar Telecom approved the purchase of the entire share capital of Smart Telecomunicações e Serviços., a live video streaming startup, announced the acquisition of the startup SignUp, from Natal-RN. Globally signs an agreement for the acquisition of Avanxo, expanding its experience in digital and cognitive transformation. Mexico’s América Móvil, which in Brazil operates under the Claro brand, said it has entered into a contract with NII Holdings and AI Brazil Holdings to acquire the totality of Nextel Brasil for US $ 905 million. (Source: Lafis). ]

In the opinion of Marcia Pillat, North America CEO of United HR, an advocate for the adoption of a public policy that fosters the digital economy as occurred in Korea and is occurring in China, it will help Brazil to be competitive.

With the return of growth in the Telecom segment, companies such as the Viggo Group, Viva was born in March 2018 with the merger of 2 companies: Pinheiro and Sellers, both renowned for years in the Telecom market. A few months later, RCC Telecom also joined the group.

The new brand is focused on presenting the best solution for the B2B market, and through the job hunter Andrey Cardoso of United HR hired for the position Financial Controller Rodrigo Piffer. Rodrigo comes from the Retail segment and did a career upgrade and a segment change after hiring the Career Coaching service involving analysis of the leadership profile with CEO North America Marcia Pillat.

The executive previously worked for companies such as Droga Raia, Autopass, ISDIN, Genomma Lab and Ajinomoto.

“Márcia Pillat was responsible for the transition process of my career, the services of UnitedHR were fundamental for me to adapt my career to the path of my best professional aspirations, says Rodrigo Piffer, Financial Controller at Viva.

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