Executive assumes management role in a Russian technology sturtup focused on emerging and fast-growing markets

Private technology companies continue to lead the international scenario of capital and risk investments.

Other primary areas such as industry, health, finance, and energy continue to occupy approximately 40% of venture capital investments.

Investors in startups have increased their investments and want to become world leaders in offering software solutions, providing cloud technology services.

World technology giants have Brazil in their sights, providing an opportunity for executives from all sectors to move.

The talented executive has found these challenges to develop other skills.

Startups seek in the career coaching process to develop their presidents, directors and managers.

The succession of technological innovations has been changing the behavior of companies, the profile of social relations and consumer behavior.

“The startup ecosystem is the catalyst that prepares new companies and their leaders. They will promote the technological disruption of companies where they will become new leaders, the market already knows that investing in startup is investing in the future ”says Marcia Pillat, CEO North America of United HR, a career coaching solutions company.

Technology startups apply to various sectors such as: finance, means of payment, investment management, security, agribusiness, sustainability, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the internet.

Companies find in this new technology the way out for growth.

Walter Marques has just assumed the position of Business Development Manager at Softiline (world leader in offering software solutions, consolidating knowledge and experience in the provision of IT services) Russian startup. The executive previously worked at companies such as Oracle and Tech4B, and graduated from the University of California, an MBA from ESPM, and EADA Business School in Spain.

“The coach project elaborated by Marcia Pillat of United HR proved to be effective and complete, starting from a 360 assessment, she was able to identify opportunities in line with my characteristics and aspirations, resulting in a match to make my eyes shine. In my case, a business development challenge for a technology sturtup from Russia with a focus on emerging and fast-growing markets ”. Says Walter Marques, current Business Development Manager at Softline.

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