Executive of the automotive sector FORD, he is hired by Barry Callebault, a multinational in the cocoa sector

The manufacturer of candies and chocolates from Peccin, Rio Grande do Sul, invests R $ 30 million this year, with its own resources, in the modernization of its factory, in the construction of a new distribution center and in a new headquarters. The units will be installed in Erechim (RS), where the company already operates.

Nestlé brings to Brazil a line of premium chocolates created in Europe, and the giant Mondelez of the chocolate sector opens a logistics center in Viana, this brings great prospects for employability in the sector in Brazil.

Given the impacts of the crisis on the labor market, with a high level of unemployment and discouragement, chocolate, despite being a national passion, is not considered an essential asset in the Brazilian’s basket, which is why its consumption can be harmed, and generate a drop in demand in the sector.

Chocolate until some time ago, considered a good without substitute, has just won a competitor. Carob is a fruit that replaces cocoa and has been winning over consumers. In the long run, the fruit can grab part of the chocolate market.

In the Political-Legal aspect, the Senate approved at the beginning of August this year, the project that institutes the National Policy of Incentive to the production of quality cocoa. The intention of the project is to increase the quality of Brazilian cocoa by encouraging the production, industrialization and commercialization of the product. The proposal goes on to presidential sanction.

The forecast for this year and for the next 3 years is for the sector to remain high. If there is any weather or incidence of a plague on cocoa crops located in Bahia, the price of such commodity may increase, distorting the projections for the average prices of chocolates and, consequently, consumption and production and the profit margin of the companies. manufacturers.

The international chocolate trade is quite dispersed, as no nation has a larger share than 20% of the world market, despite the leadership of European countries (Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands) in chocolate exports. On the other hand, the raw material of this manufacture, cocoa, has a huge representation of Côte d’Ivoire, which dominates more than 45% of the sales of this fruit.

The industry of candies and chocolates in Brazil reserves greater importance to chocolate products (tablets and chocolates primarily), which are more consumed than candies (confectionery and caramels), and this probably stems from the advantage of the national territory in cultivating cocoa, which provides a cheap input for this national industry. However, it is observed that the country, despite having this advantage, is not a significant exporter of chocolates, something demonstrated by the deficit in the trade balance since 2013.

O cenário positivo é que o o Brasil é o terceiro maior produtor de chocolates, balas e confeitos do mundo, depois dos Estados Unidos e Alemanha. Mas o setor recebe alta carga tributária na comparação a outros segmentos da indústria alimentícia, afirma Marcio Pereira CEO da United HR na avenida Paulista. Ele diz que utiliza a estratégia de análises da economia para indicar executivos aos setores que ocupam o melhor ranking da economia, e o cacau é um dos setores que tem perspectivas de crescimento até 2021.

A Barry Callebaut está entre os maiores produtores e moedores de cacau do mundo, com uma produção média anual de 1,7 milhão de toneladas de cacau. A United HR, indicou para Barry Callebaut, Washington Tamburri Cardoso como Head of Purchasing Indirect Spend & Packaging, e acaba de ser contratado. O executivo atuou anteriormente em empresas multinacionais de diferentes setores como Puratos Brazil e Winoa Mineração e Metais.

“Márcio Pereira CEO da United HR, assessorou-me durante a minha transição de carreira, buscando as melhores oportunidades adequadas ao meu momento de carreira e perfil profissional, recolocando-me na Barry Callebaut , em uma posição de liderança, adequada ao meu momento profissional”. Afirma Washington.

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