United HR hires Mauricio Oliveira for management position at UnitedHealth Group

Márcia Pillat, CEO North America of United HR, says that investments in the health area have increased the hiring of executives. UnitedHealth Group, which operates in this segment, hired Mauricio Oliveira for the position of Senior IT Infrastructure Manager. “The work of Márcia Pillat CEO United HR and the other professionals were instrumental in the transition and evolution of my career from all perspectives”, says Mauricio Oliveira.

Márcia Pillat, CEO North America of United HR, says that investments in the health area have increased the hiring of executives.

“I left a leadership position in one of the largest Education and Education institutions, to take on an enormous challenge in the largest health and well-being institution in the world.
world, a senior leadership position in a multinational with more than 305 thousand employees, present in 130 countries, with investments in excess of US $ 3.5 billion
in technology and innovation, the sixth largest company in the United States according to the Fortune 500 ranking ”declares the executive replaced by United HR.

Prior to this position, the executive worked in companies in different sectors such as Kroton, Consigás and Elis.

The Human Health Sector generates R $ 161.9 billion. The market for health and wellness products and services is increasingly promising. This segment grew 17% in 2018 compared to the previous year, according to a survey released by ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association). According to the study, the rise is due to the high demand for products and services in this area.

According to Marcia Pillat, CEO UnitedHR, whether due to the increase in the search for quality of life or the aging of the population, the behavior of
consumers are changing, and activities related to the health and well-being segments are generating great business opportunities. The sector is emerging with
great highlight, representing on average 7% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), with a turnover of R $ 300 billion per year.

Product and service companies focused on well-being also celebrate growth and revenue, such as Casa do Médico, a traditional network of health products that had millionaire revenue last year (Source: Lafis).

According to research commissioned by the Federation of Hospitals of the State of São Paulo (Fehoesp), the Human Health sector generates R $ 161.9 billion, and had a 47% increase in revenues in the last 4 years.

This market has 184 thousand companies (it has grown about 10% in the last 4 years), approximately 95% of which are formed by startups and Fintechs, and employs 2 million professionals, according to Márcia Pillat.

Be Life will build a hospital instrument and material factory in Lauro de Freitas (BA). Among the items are hospital sheets and gowns, geriatric diapers and sterile and non-sterile surgical gauze pads in general, with a production capacity of 73.9 million units per year. Millionaire investment and it is estimated to
generation of hundreds of jobs with the new factory (Source: Lafis).

Three university hospitals in Rio Grande do Sul will receive R $ 6.179 million transfers from the Ministry of Health. The amounts are different for each institution and the contribution is part of the National Program for the Restructuring of Federal University Hospitals (REHUF) with the objective of reinforcing the budget of the universities that provide health services, and thus, stimulate the offer of teaching, research and quality care (Source: Lafis).

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