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It is important to note that, even during the crisis, money from multinationals entered companies installed here. Direct Productive Investment (IDP) – which records foreign investment inflows – has been around US $ 75 billion per year in the past two years, according to the Central Bank (BC). In 2018, the BC foresees a total entry into the same levels.

According to information from LAFIS with multinationals from different sectors, the global giants have already outlined plans to invest heavily in the country.

Hyundai Caoa will open, in 2018, 15 truck sales points in the country. The company’s goal is to sell 600 units of the HD 80 model by the end of the year and thus maintain its 4% share in this market.

Ri Happy, with its new store in the One Stop Shop concept – which intends to offer any children’s product, from toys to clothing and stationery – called Mundo Ri Happy, will invest in 2018 approximately R $ 50 million to open 18 units in this model, with sizes between 1,300 and 1,500 square meters.

Renner, the largest fashion retailer in Brazil, opened the first store in the city of Dourados. With a total area of ​​1,600 square meters and an investment of R $ 5.5 million, the unit is located at Shopping Avenida Center. This is Renner’s 4th operation in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul and 328th in Brazil.

Condor Super Center will invest R $ 15 million in revitalization, marketing, products and equipment for its new installation in Campo Mourão (PR), following the pattern of its other stores. The company will operate on the premises of the old BIG brand, which will leave the city.

Geolab Indústria Farmacêutica will invest R $ 290 million over the next five years in the expansion of the unit and in the development of new products. The company’s investment plan, based in Anápolis, provides for the construction of a new manufacturing plant.

The beauty products brand Eudora, from Grupo Boticário, will invest R $ 100 million by the end of 2018. Most of it will be destined to a new communication campaign, focused on the profile of urban women between 25 and 45 years old. age, while the rest will be used to open product refueling centers for retailers and to open physical stores.

Petz plans to open 17 new units later this year, with a total investment of R $ 100 million, reaching the mark of 84 stores in 6 states. The forecast is to reach a turnover of R $ 1 billion with the expansion.

Nestlé will invest R $ 5 million in the construction of a factory in the city of Garanhuns (PE). The unit will pack powdered milk, in the sachet version.

The world leader in flexible and engineering insulating materials, Armacell, announced investments for the implementation of its first continuous elastomeric foam production line, in Santa Catarina. Operations at the new plant begin in the second half of 2018.

Lucio Ribeiro da Silva, an executive with over 20 years of experience in the areas of Finance, Controllership and Accounting, hires a profile analysis and Coach project with Márcia de Salvi Pillat, president of United HR and made the career transition for the company Armacell assuming the position of Finance & amp; Controlling Manager South America.

He decided to change his segment and acknowledged that he was ready to take on his career upgrade. “I met Márcia Pillat, CEO North America of United HR, through a desire for change. Márcia Pillat showed me a way so that I could see the situation in a different way, better understanding my moment and identifying the safest way. I understood that the Coach culture and profile assessment is focused on solutions with high performance in learning to make assertive decisions ”.

The true leader executive needs to train people who are able to think for themselves, are adaptable in order to overcome adversity and anticipate changes whenever necessary, especially in the moment of change. Companies look for committed executives who are involved in challenges, able to do their best, says Marcia Pillat CEO North America of United HR

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