UHR Outplacement

Humanized dismissal, your former employees deserve it and the leadership thanks you.

Two steps to success: Plan and Execute.

The Planning process begins even before the employee knows that he will be dismissed, with a consultancy, we lead the professional with a unique methodology based on the Harvard Coaching Institute, preparing him for his replacement in a strategic and assertive manner.

With the profile of the professional well defined, a team of Job Hunters begin to search for positions, after the relocation the work of the consultancy is finished.

United HR Outplacement is an operating division of UNITED • HR, responsible for advising companies in the process of Outplacement of their former employees.

This platform is developed in more than 60 countries with great success. United • HR handles each advisory project individually, as each person has their own aspirations, needs and capabilities.

The dismissal of an executive or a group of professionals requires planning and specialized advice. In order for the impacts to be as small as possible, the Outplacement consultancy must start the work well before the moment of communication of the fact.