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Maria Cláudia












Dominância, Informalidade, Condescendência, Formalidade

Assessment Report

Maria communicates easily and fluently. It can be defined as Communicator. She is confident, gregarious, open-minded and values contact with people and the development of positive relationships.

How it absorbs knowledge

Maria learns through her own experiences and by observing the experiences of others. She is a logical and rational thinker, and she learns from concrete information and not from abstract concepts. She likes to debate and can learn a lot from a good debate. It is easy to see and understand opposing points of view. Because she enjoys being with others, Adriana absorbs knowledge in a group environment. Discussing ideas with others helps to solidify your knowledge and find new areas to explore.

Common Skills

Adriana is very lively and can easily create enthusiasm in others. She is optimistic and engaging. It has a strong capacity to build networks and strengthen groups. She maintains contact with a variety of people and uses these relationships to open up new opportunities for herself and others. She is outgoing, sociable and always knows the right thing to say in any situation. She has strong verbal skills and is very fond of interacting with other people. She feels comfortable talking to people at all levels of her organization. Since she attaches importance to people and relationships, Adriana does her best to avoid conflict. She is witty and adventurous. Whenever possible, she focuses on the positive and does not understand people who spend a lot of time on negativity. In general, she believes that hard work and a positive attitude are the keys to success in her personal and professional life.

Basic skills

His skill is in the area of communication. She is a great communicator and has assertiveness in conducting points of view and intuitive qualities to listen and adapt to new situations.


The sub-characteristics of this type are: Friendship, Sociability, Enthusiasm and Dynamism.

Task performance

It seeks to perform several tasks at the same time and ends up not completing all of them due to lack of objectivity and concentration. It needs to be well monitored by someone so that it doesn’t get out of the main objective. Enthusiastically encourages the team to perform tasks.

How you search for results

Likes to involve the team in the search for results. It aims very much to reach them to promote their image.

Relating to others

Relating to others is what you do best. Interacts positively in virtually any situation. She has an interest in ideas and mainly in other people’s feelings, which makes her considered attractive.

Pressure reaction

The pressure doesn’t harm you, it keeps your pace and absorbs it well.

Relationship with changes

He appreciates changes, because he doesn’t like routines.

Removal factors

Intolerance, impatience, disharmony, confrontations and conflicts. It moves away when it does not feel prestigious and when it is surrounded by routine and details.

Decision Making: