Covid-19 made outplacement even more important for companies

3 de March de 2021

Research carried out by a specialized career consultancy indicates that companies are investing in the dismissal of their employees. Outplacement can help layoffs to plan their careers and succeed in their professional lives. The dismissal can generate insecurities and anxieties that need to be addressed in the outplacement.

The pandemic has impacted all organizations, sectors and the world. Company leaders face difficult decisions about employees. It is important for organizations to ensure that those who are leaving the business have the support and confidence to enter an ever-changing job market. An outplacement service that was mandatory for the dismissal of directors and presidents, is now included in the dismissal of all levels, according to data from a survey by United HR (international consultancy specializing in outplacement).

The research points out that investing in relocation is important to protect the company’s reputation; helps to ensure that companies remain respected for caring about their employees when they leave.

Márcio Miranda, Latam CEO of United HR, says that leaders need to recognize the impact that this change will have on the workforce. The mass layoff causes frustrations, insecurities, anxieties, insomnia and low esteem. These negative feelings cause the remaining employees to lose confidence in the company, impacting productivity and performance and an increase in voluntary dismissal requests.

“By investing in outplacement, leaders can ensure that the employees who stay see that whoever is fired is actually being supported by restoring their confidence. Outplacement allows you to plan your next career move for a structured transition to your next job. A career specialist or coach can help with a new action plan, where to get back to and in self-knowledge of skills and competences that fit in certain positions, helping to find a successful replacement, ”explains Hends Tabanez, Director of the Sales Division. United HR outplacement.

“The emotional upheaval of a layoff can affect an individual’s transition to a new role and result in a delay in finding a new job,” says Hends.

According to Alisson Soncine, Managing Director of United HR, “outplacement provides self-knowledge, inappropriate behavior changes, skills development and explores the different career paths available; be it staying in the same sector, changing careers, becoming an entrepreneur, seeking an administrative board, investing in higher education or retirement. Outplacement can make the former employee visionary, as well as help him / her understand the tools and resources needed to take the next steps, help reduce anxiety about job loss and mean that leaving employees are more likely to reach employment. replacement more quickly. ”

“In addition, a growing trend of“ pre-relocation ”is that some employers offer career development support to all employees before notification of dismissal – which means that individuals have an initial advantage when considering their next career movement, as well as an opportunity for internal relocation if an appropriate option is available. Consequently, those who move on to the full relocation support program are ready to start immediately, while the organization can retain some of its talent through internal relocation, ”says Alisson Soncine.

For Márcia Pillat, CEO North America of UNITED HR, Covid-19 changed functions and ways of working, just because a function is no longer viable, it does not mean that the individual who previously occupied it also became in excess of the requirements. Retention of skills and talents is critical; either through internal redistribution, or to ensure that those who leave the organization do so positively, with the idea that they can make their way back (boomerang effect) at some point in the future – and outplacement makes it all possible ”.

“Many organizations are also looking to include additional support for those who remain in the business as part of their outplacement programs. This can be done with change management and resilience training for leaders and managers, so that they manage the layoffs with the aptitude and emotional balance and that they continue to be a talent developer agent even to those who are fired ”, says Márcia Pillat.

The United HR survey points out that the hiring of outplacement companies increased by 60%, as they want to develop managers to lead the dismissal, preparing them so that this difficult moment can be a moment to boost and transform in a positive way the dismissed, so that their professional success is guaranteed.

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marcio miranda
Márcio miranda
CEO Latam
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