Covid-19 made outplacement even more important for companies

28 de March de 2021

The need for more environmentally efficient and safer vehicles makes automakers invest in electric cars. And according to the headhunters, hiring will increase, but the profile of the automakers’ professionals is changing to candidates with digital skills. The lack of digital skills is hampering digital transformation in 54% of organizations. And that gap is widening: a survey by the human resources company, United HR predicts that the technology industries, by 2023, are likely to be deficient in 1.1 million skilled workers worldwide.

China and Europe are exemplary markets in terms of incentives for trams. China projects that sales of electric vehicles will represent 25% of the total in the next few years until 2025. Germany has banned the sale of combustion vehicles from 2030. The United Kingdom will ban the sale of cars powered by diesel and gasoline in 2035. In these countries, seeing electric cars driving down the street is common. (Source: CB Insights)

In announcing the end of car production in Brazil, Ford confirmed launches in the country. It was a way of trying to avoid a stampede of customers. Among the novelties is the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV. The utility is already in production in Mexico, from where it will be exempt from import duties. However, the waiting list in the USA is huge, and its debut in Brazil should be for the 2nd semester. (Source: CB Insights).

The dispute to make electric vehicles efficient and affordable is accelerating. The largest companies in the industry, market participants and policy makers increased their investments in 2020, proposing that this year is a potential opportunity for mass adoption of these automobiles, says Márcio Miranda CEO of United HR (multinational executive search and outplacement company ).

Against the negative effects of the pandemic on the global economy, the electric vehicle market has matured considerably in the last year. According to data from the Swedish consultancy EV Volumes, worldwide sales have soared 43% to 3.24 million vehicles sold in 2020.

The movement was mainly driven by Europe, which for the first time in five years took over the global leadership as a source of purchases in the sector and overtook China. The number of electric vehicles in circulation already exceeds the volume of traditional cars, setting a world record. Last year, battery-powered electric vehicles represented 54.3% of all sales in the country. (Source: S & amp; P Global Norway).

Sales of these cars in China are expected to increase 40% this year, reaching 1.8 million units sold, compared to 1.37 million last year, according to projections. (Source: Chinese Automobile Manufacturers Association).

Márcia Pillat, North America CEO of United HR, In the capital market, the roles of electric vehicle manufacturers had a giant leap in 2020 and 2021. Global X Autonomous & amp; Electric Vehicles ETF (DRIV), the industry’s main benchmark in the USA, has grown by around 80% in the last 12 months and has already accumulated a rise above 15% in 2021, surpassing even the biotechnology sector highlighted with the launch of vaccines. br> For Alisson Soncine, Managing Director of United HR, investments in trucks and electric buses also boosted jobs at automakers. “Workhorse Inc., a manufacturer of commercial vehicles, also raised expectations for the electric vehicle market, with the production of medium-sized trucks, delivery drone systems and electric aircraft.”

“The company has emerged as one of the most popular electric vehicle stocks thanks to its leadership in the production of electric vans, a market of US $ 18 billion, with about 350 thousand vans sold per year at an average price of US $ 50k. In the last 12 months, the company’s shares, listed on Nasdaq, jumped about 390% ”, says Alisson Soncine.

The famous investment holding company of renowned billionaire Warren Buffett has invested heavily in recent years in stakes in American GM and Chinese BYD. With the consolidated growth perspective for the sector, General Motors, for example, announced a plan to launch 30 new electric vehicle models by 2025. (Source: LAFIS).

Berkshire invested in GM in 2012, and since then, its position has gradually grown to 80 million shares, equivalent to about $ 2,

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