Easter generates more than 10,000 job vacancies to meet the demand

1 de March de 2021

With Easter, job vacancies in various sectors increase. Companies are adapted to face the pandemic.

United HR is optimistic about the 2021 results and points out that the contracts started from August 2020 to Easter 2021.

Last year, the date was close to the beginning of the implementation of the quarantine and social distance measures in Brazil, after the emergence of the first cases of the disease in the country, which had a considerable impact on sales.

COVID-19 started when retailers were already supplied with Easter products, which strongly impacted the date. This year the chocolate industry is optimistic about its performance, and has a prospect of growth in Easter products due to the arrival of vaccines and the reopening of retail trade.

To serve the consumer during the Easter period this year, the chocolate industry foresees 12,000 direct and indirect hires of employees who will work in the industrial sector, packaging, logistics, wholesaler, retailer, shopping centers and e-commerce. An increase of 5% according to United HR (International executive search and outplacement consultancy).

Márcio Miranda, Latam CEO of United HR, says that the hires to supply the demand started to be carried out from September 2020 to plan Easter 2021. The companies plan the entire portfolio to carry out the hires and define all details, such as trends, packaging and logistics.

It is believed that the main strategy of the companies will be to continue to develop the diversification of the commercial and marketing channels. “Last year, e-commerce and retail were great allies for the industries. The trend in product sales on digital platforms will grow even more. Part of this growth comes from consumer confidence in online shopping, ”says Alisson Soncine, who is Managing Director at United HR.

Companies had to adapt last year with the pandemic, everything is already planned for 2021. “All companies work adapted to the new reality. Industrial production was adapted to ensure the productivity and health of its employees and consumers and follows all safety protocols recommended by public agencies ”, says Márcia Pillat, CEO North America of United HR.

Companies from several countries follow the restriction processes in each region of Brazil and the world to adjust the planning according to the scenario, thus meeting the market demand in a safe and responsible manner, say the research experts United HR.

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marcio miranda
Márcio miranda
CEO Latam
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