Strategic repositioning of leaders and large companies

“Smart executives and entrepreneurs make changes when things are going well. Just when they have all the resources and energy needed to drive the process.
Sometimes change is not a matter of desire, but of the demands of the market itself, characterized by high competitiveness, competition with major international players and technological developments.
Many manage to do this on time, some lose time and others anticipate the process, seeing trends and opportunities”.
Prof. John Kotter – Harvard Business School

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“Speed ​​is the name of the game going forward”
Ram Charam – Coach of the greatest CEO’s in the world

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United HR

Always at the forefront of strategic repositioning of great leaders for large companies: it is with close monitoring and active participation that United HR contributes to positively impact the world market.

The planning and execution of the hiring of Board, Top Management (C-Level, CEO, CIO, CFO, COO…) and Midlle Management (Managers and Strategic Positions) are global.

To this end, we rely on international partnerships, and knowledge from all sectors of the economy, in addition to the participation of our CEOs within the board of directors of several companies.

It is through the assumptions of coaching that we build our reputation, working at the top, placing executives in the world’s leading companies.

You too can trust United HR to make this change.

Santos, André
Head de Marketing

I got a position in an excellent company and work environment. The position matches my skills and expectations of horizontal and vertical movement, with international career possibilities

Fukuda, Adilson

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