How to keep your job after mergers and acquisitions

17 de July de 2020

Many do not adapt to new policies and practices, & nbsp; and starting to work with people from other organizations and even different nationalities and reporting to new leaders who do not know you can create insecurities.

Three specialists from & nbsp; United HR & nbsp; studied the subject – Márcio Miranda, Gustavo Apostolico and Márcia Pillat align executive DNA to the DNA of a company, and their economic moment. They claim that it is through mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, all of these actions generate opportunities to show skills and stay in employment.

See below the movements of this month of July 2020:

  • Grupo Pão de Açúcar agreed to sell 36 properties for a total of R $ 1.020 billion. The buyers are two real estate funds managed by TRX Gestora de Recursos: TRX Real Estate Fundo de Investimento Imobiliário (TRXF11) and TRX Real Estate II Fundo de Investimento Imobiliário (TRXB11). (Source: Lafis )
  • Ânima Educação acquired the corporate control of Centro Universitário FG (UniFG) for R $ 71.5 million. Over the past 18 years, it has consolidated itself as a reference for the micro-regions of the Middle São Francisco and for cities in the Southwest, West of Bahia and North of Minas Gerais. It has a total of approximately 3,800 students enrolled, of which 220 are medical students (2019). (Source: Lafis )
  • Azul announced the sale of its shareholding in TAP to the Portuguese government. The sale of the 6% indirect stake was for approximately R $ 65 million, with the elimination of the right to convert the senior bonds held by Azul of 90 million euros due in 2026. (Source: Lafis )
  • In April, in the middle of a pandemic, the startup Zoox raised R $ 27 million in a round led by HDI Seguros with the participation of 2A investments. (Source: CEIC)
  • Kryptus, a company from Campinas specialized in cryptography and information security, has just received an investment of R $ 20 million from the Aerospace fund, which among its main shareholders is Embraer. (Source: Lafis )
  • Carflix, platform purchase and sale of used vehicles, announced the agreement to receive R $ 15 million in investments in a round led by BV. (Source: Lafis )
  • The marketing company of influence Spark receives an investment of R $ 8 million. The manager Apex Partners led the investment. (Source: Lafis )
  • Springer sold its stake at the machinery and equipment company Liess for Afam Empreendimentos e Negócios Comerciais. Springer’s stake in Liess was 28.77% and the value of the transaction was R $ 2.49 million. (Source: CEIC)
  • ACE, following its strategy of contributing to the development of different segments of the Brazilian market, led a round of R $ 1.3 million in seed investment in Deskfy, a marketing startup with headquarters in Rio Grande do Sul. The contribution also included the participation of Diego Gomes, CEO of Rock Content. (Source: Lafis )
  • Even in the midst of the current economic crisis, a pool of angel investors, including Daniel Magalhães and Kika Ricciardi, contributed R $ 600 thousand and B2Mamy received the resources to draw on this new, fully digital and scalable business model. (Source: CEIC)
  • Houseasy, a Curitiba startup from residential technology, received R $ 550 thousand from two angel investors. With the investment announced, the company plans to expand its activities in the area of ​​internet of things (IoT) and democratize the concept of smart home in Brazil. (Source: Lafis )
  • Treecorp bought a stake in Zee.Dog, brand of pet accessories for dogs and cats. (Source: Lafis )
  • Monte Bravo Investimentos closed the acquisition of Bolso Forte, a company specialized in financial education. (Source: CEIC)
  • In the midst of the covid-19 pandemic that forced students to attend classes online, the FTD textbook publisher closed the acquisition of a minority stake in, startup of & nbsp adaptive learning that, through artificial intelligence, shows students’ academic deficiencies. (Source: Lafis)

WEG announced the acquisition of control of the startup BirminD, a technology company active in the Artificial Intelligence market applied to Industrial Analytics. With the closing of the agreement, WEG now holds 51% of BirminD’s share capital, with the possibility, provided for in the contract, to increase its participation in the business in the future. (Source: Lafis) Manfroi Móveis took over the more than 20 operations of the brand Eko Ambientes throughout Brazil, including the concept store located in Bento Gonçalves. The closing of the deal, which includes the customer portfolio, was sealed on June 22. Under new management, Eko Ambientes changes its name and will be renamed Eko by Manfroi. (Source: CEIC) Embraer took control of Tempest, a Pernambuco company that is among the largest in the cybersecurity sector in Brazil. The companies did not disclose the value of the contribution or the size of the new shareholding. (Source: Lafis) Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, Edir Macedo Bezerra, already had a 49% stake in Banco Renner and now acquired control of the institution, after recently receiving the endorsement of the Bank Central. (Source: EMMIS) Subsidiary of DaVita in Brazil buys two specialized dialysis clinics – They are: Prorim, from Recife, and Pronomed, from Campinas. (Source: Lafis) XP bought the majority share of fintech Antecipa – Fintech was created as a digital platform to finance the prepayment of receivables. (Source: Lafis) Zaxo, Enterprise First and Leão Bravo combined their operations to form Zaxo M & amp; Partners. The merger is an important step for the three brands to strengthen leadership in the mergers and acquisitions market (M & amp; A), supporting companies in their growth journey and strengthening the relationship with stakeholders, investors and the market. was born with a portfolio of nine companies with a combined market value of R $ 249 million and a new fund of R $ 100 million that started to be raised in 2020. Bzplan, a venture capital fund manager with operations in the South region, and the start-up investment unit of the mining company FIR Capital joined their operations to create a new company, Invisto. (Source: EMMIS)

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