Board Member Project

Presentation to Shareholders and Councilors for positions of Director and Chairman of the Board

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Processos seletivos de Conselheiros

The board of directors is the organizational structure of a multinational or family-owned company, which serves to align interests between the executive management, partners and owners of the company, being the link between them all.
Therefore, we can state that the “board” or administrative council is the corporate body that supervises the work of an organization with the responsibility to guide the strategies.

United HR works to implement this type of structure to oversee financial results and corporate governance. A digital advisor can make significant contributions to the Board and to a company's digital initiatives.

At Board meetings, executives with the proper domain of digital fronts can demystify the digital world, help executives and the Board understand the specific fronts that impact the business, and provide insight into the ways in which customer behavior is changing and more important trends.
After all, as the board of directors is charged with overseeing and assisting in the creation of strategic issues, it manages to ensure the company's stability and sustainability in the long term.
We advise Directors and CEOs of companies to act in the nomination of these to compete in processes for the selection of directors.

Companies that hire directors are looking for executives who want to add this activity to their careers, parallel to the position they already hold as C-level or CEO of a company.

The objective of this position is to act in the audit, maintenance and strategic direction of the company in decision-making. We do this in line with our core objectives, so as to protect assets and maximize the profitability of operations.

The first factor observed when choosing the candidates that we will nominate and that will form this board is knowing the company's strategic planning. Through the vision of the future for the business, the skills that the management should have or develop are extracted, as well as the profile of the board and respective directors.

The participation of independent external directors is of fundamental importance when we form boards in family businesses. In addition to the complementarity of competencies, they bring unbiased views and opinions, contributing a lot to the quality of decisions taken by the board.

Hiring a Board Member in multinational companies is a federal law.

To compete for a Board Member selection process, we prepare candidates, aligning personal goals, values, organizational culture and ethics with the company's DNA.

The Chairman or director of the board is compensated, may be parallel to other boards or positions of directors and CEO.

The position on the Board is not a retirement, there are directors of any age. It is career building that makes the Board of Directors position attractive.

The board of directors can provide many personal and professional benefits to executives. Many find that hiring as a director improves their ability to interact with their own board of directors, expands their professional networks, and exposes them to different leadership styles, corporate structures and business models.