Expatriation Project

United HR works with multinational and global companies, so it has specific projects for outplacement abroad, and has already expanded the career of executives in leadership positions abroad, such as Europe, Asia, Latin America, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, China and Dubai.

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Career Benefits:

Expatriation requires investments for companies:

Companies with structured expatriation programs pay for airline tickets, residency, language courses, and income tax preparation. Therefore, expatriation opportunities are for middle management (managers of different areas), C-level (Directors: CFO, CHRO, CMO, CBO, etc) and TOP Management (President or CEO)

What profiles do companies require?

The general selection criteria for these positions include different requirements:

Duration of expatriation contracts

Contracts often range from 3 to 5 years, because the employee in leadership positions needs a deadline for performance and delivery of the projects that will be involved.

For those responsible for global mobility, after this period, labor and migration issues can pose greater risks and costs. They can even opt for effective employment and gain citizenship.

Programs of 6 to 24 months duration also exist, but they are for specific projects or license coverage. They usually take place at the coordination and management levels. As in cases of expatriation, the employee's salary continues to be paid by the Brazilian branch and is supplemented with benefits.


As important as an expatriation project and repatriation. A well-planned project guarantees the successful completion of an expatriation.

A well-conducted repatriation must have in its plan a promotion in positions, salaries and benefits.

The repatriation policy must be discussed prior to expatriation. A return plan must be established that guarantees at least the maintenance of the position he occupied.