UHR Personal Coaching

Developing prosperity in all areas of your life.

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Personal coaching is a project that helps the coachee to change issues that affect their individuality, which are destructive and negative for the person. Personal coaching will promote changes in limiting beliefs, ethical values, saboteurs, negative habits and behaviors.

Diagnose and exclude repetitive patterns, identify and enhance the skills of the coachee and act to develop improvements. Also known as Life Coaching, the focus of this approach is on the personal goals and objectives.

The achievement in your personal life also has effects that make your professional, family, intellectual, physical, emotional and financial prosperity prosper.

Effective techniques and tools will be applied so that the coachees are able to pursue their personal goals and objectives.

At first, personal coaching seeks to diagnose the source of the problem that creates obstacles, making the individual inert with regard to personal life.

After strategic planning, positive actions are initiated in the coachee, this technique will help the coachee to seek his deepest self-knowledge and generate the necessary maturity for the coachee to achieve the goals set through action planning.

When you get to know each other, you will realize that your attitudes have led you to be fulfilled or not.

The Coaching Project will develop new attitudes and habits, appropriate and compatible with your needs to pursue your plans and dreams.

Everything comes from your awareness and attitudes defined in the coach sessions, which will become integrated into your daily life.

The coach is the support in the search for better solutions.


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