Research shows that companies seek leaders adapted to digital transformation and innovations

3 de November de 2020

Companies have new demands caused by the speed that technology imposes and their managers have to be prepared for these transformations. Therefore, they must develop agile leadership and understand that areas such as human resources and logistics, for example, cannot do without technological knowledge.

Leading people promotes important changes for a company and for society. In the work environment, leadership is a necessary skill because it is the one that ensures the unity of teams, focused and motivated with a focus on the objectives set.

It takes persistence, commitment and discipline to become a leader. It is only through constancy and motivation to grow and overcome that leadership emerges.

Six out of ten selectors who command the hiring in the largest companies in the world consider that the degree of innovation and leadership of the candidates is very important. The conclusion is in a survey by United HR (Executive search and outplacement consultancy), carried out with 1000 executives – responsible for hiring leadership positions. When the survey questioned their opinion on this topic, 55% responded that the candidates’ degree of innovation and leadership is “low” and another 7% answered “very low”; 36% said “neither high nor low” and only 2% classified it as “high”.

Márcio Miranda, Latam CEO of United HR (coach consultancy for executives and outplacement), says that the leader is not expected to have technical knowledge, but rather that he knows how to recognize the solutions that will transform his business and that can make a critical analysis of it. You must be very close to the technologies to know what will bring more efficiency, speed and you no longer have the possibility to leave this matter to the IT professional.

Check in the next topics the main skills of the innovative leader sought by companies:

1 – Enthusiasm.

Inspire people and encourage company employees. The leader must be the one who arouses interest in something about the people who are part of his team and is always at the forefront of continuously pushing who is being guided to improve their performance. It is the role of those who lead to stimulate, the model to be followed by the team.

2 – Leading considering innovations

Changes among executives happen quickly, so it is important to keep an eye on changes that promote positive transformations for the corporate environment. In addition, it is important that the leadership also brings together news in its model of leadership.

3 – Visionary

It is essential for a leadership that the objectives are tangible. To be visionary is not to be fanciful. Set achievable results, set goals and objectives that can really be achieved.

4 – Hiring agile, qualified and skillful people

Information is essential, for leaders and followers. Hiring people who have unique skills, abilities and abilities is essential, in addition to having the desire to carry out all activities with high quality. The appreciation of employees with knowledge that make the company, encourage the team to study and learn to bring innovations is essential.

Following the premises of Coaching, a leader must be aligned with his followers, as successful leaders are those who achieve spectacular results through the training and development of new leaders.

“A coaching training process can help you develop effective leadership characteristics and achieve career goals. There are techniques and tools for improvement and training to become a true leader coach of success ”says Márcio Miranda.

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marcio miranda
Márcio miranda
CEO Latam
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