The “Dance Of Chairs” In The Corporate World For CEOs Has Begun

11 de November de 2020

With the resumption of the economy companies need cash, the ability to build partnerships is valued. As well as the ability to establish a clear vision of how that sector will be able to develop in the next 5 years. “All CEOs are being analyzed inside and outside companies, everyone wants to know the capabilities and skills of dealing with the transformations and changes of these leaders,” says Márcio Miranda.
Business executives need skills in the digital area. In finance, migration will be the CFO’s most accustomed to raising funds and investments.
São Paulo, 11/06/2020 –

Recruitment and selection companies are in negotiations with CEOs with the skills to develop digital strategies more quickly. And they also have financial skills and manage internal changes. In today’s world, after the emergence of COVID-19, leaders who do not adapt will lose their position.

COVID-19 has many vagueness and few answers. One certainty, however, guides any projection made about the pandemic: the future is uncertain. Not even what is expected of CEOs who run top companies.
“It is one thing to lead a growing company,” says Márcio Miranda, CEO Latam of executive search and outplacement consultancy United HR. “Another is to lead a company that is falling in the economy.”

The “chair dance” has started at the top of companies. We are looking for CEOs capable of understanding the innovations of the digital world. United HR spoke with investors, shareholders and advisers from the largest corporations that are already looking to interview candidates for the position of CEO. According to them, the search is intense for more digital profiles, developers of online strategies and with more speed. Who know how to lead digital transformations.

The digital channel has become the escape valve for business and this intense migration is paving the way for the expansion of the use of new tools.
Skills that were already in the executives’ game are now being demanded more. The ability to lead companies in the digital universe is one of the skills that will gain prominence now. “Executives will need to have greater digital fluency,” says Márcio Miranda.

For Márcia Pillat, North America CEO of United HR, this approach will be more important than knowing the market technically. “In a short time, an executive learns about the sector. But he fails to incorporate this mentality of digital innovation. ”

The requirements related to the directors and C-level below these CEOs are changing. “Commercial executives need digital skills. In finance, migration will be the CFO most used to raising funds and investments,” says Márcia Piilat.

With the resumption of the economy companies need cash, the ability to build partnerships is valued. As well as the ability to establish a clear vision on how that particular sector will be able to develop in the next 5 years.

“The CEO of today is the visionary”, says Márcio Miranda, CEO of United HR. “It is necessary to analyze all the possibilities and opportunities in the business besides the company.”

“Companies need a purpose”, says Márcio Miranda. “The CEO must be active in social causes and the role of companies in this context.”

Society and employees are analyzing CEOs, everyone wants to know their skills in dealing with these changes, says Márcio Miranda. Among these skills, selectors cite issues such as flexibility and speed to quickly adapt management and the business model to the adversities of the pandemic. As well as the ability of communicability and development of all the company’s employees.

Under these new perspectives, the companies analyzed by United HR have increased their remuneration for sharing the results achieved in the salaries of everyone in the company, say the experts in recruitment and selection. The goals can be digital transformation, sustainability, inclusion of diversity and genders and the social role played in the position.

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