The new profile of business leaders

24 de March de 2020

Every company has an Executive Director, or general director, better known as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or president, the professional responsible for the position of greater responsibility or greater authority in an Organization, having in it the power of decisions, he is at the top of the company.

Choosing the CEO is a very important attitude taken by the company’s board of directors, since it must be chosen based on the skills, competences and experience, which are important to take on great challenges and manage the entire structure of the Organization.

The CEO – President of today is one who has a self-confident profile, with integrity in acts and decisions, personal and professional ethics, flexibility, who takes risks, initiative, discernment, communication, managing and being open to all technological innovations that companies pass daily with new media and form of communication through them.

The largest corporations are no longer as they were decades ago, in collaborators obeyed in an intimidating way. Today companies demand CEOs with more open profiles and with high sensitivity, innovative, with an effective contribution in decision-making processes, the ability to negotiate and manage international alliances and partnerships. In addition, the CEO’s duties include the intellectual capacity to develop future-oriented organizational skills to anticipate market trends and, of course, the management of teamwork and interpersonal relationships.

The CEO of a company must know how to circulate among Authorities, Politicians, Ministers. According to Márcia Pillat – UNITED HR, another key issue in the life of a successful CEO is to be present in discussion forums, Chambers of Commerce (Márcia Piilat of UNITED HR is affiliated with AMCHAM – Chamber of Commerce Brazil and USA, entity of class and professionals, aiming to obtain knowledge and transmit their personal and professional experience for the improvement of working conditions in the community in which it operates.

For the North American CEO Márcia Pillat of UNITED HR, the main characteristic of a good CEO is related to the ability to develop, influence teams, choose, train and guide talents. “Previously, people were assessed for cultural and academic training, apart from professional experience, today, these requirements are still assessed, however, professionals must have the sensitivity to inspire others around them to perform tasks and participate in activities”, explains Marcia Pillat .

This is the DNA of a new CEO profile, but it is possible to simplify the formula for a characteristic that can be considered the most important: “You cannot be detail-oriented, you must be generalist both in the sense of knowing various areas of companies and markets , as in the sense of self-development, since it will be necessary to invest in various areas such as skills, characteristics, experiences and technical knowledge ”, says Márcia Pillat from UNITED HR.

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