United HR points out 10 signs that it is necessary to change jobs

20 de August de 2020

1. & nbsp; Waking up to work causes discomfort and irritation.

Start the week, but wishing it was still a pleasant weekend, especially if you had a good time on Saturday and Sunday. Prefer to be at home instead of working.

2. & nbsp; Amend holidays, or make excuses as someone fell ill in the family.

If you consider extending the holiday with the excuse of being sick to stay away from work, it will not resolve your dissatisfaction with the job, it is better to look for another job.

3. You admire your friends’ company and position.

Do you feel that your friends work happily in the companies they have chosen, and do you admire the way he relates to the company? The job may be what you want but the workplace and your peers may not be in line with your personal values.

4. You stopped producing, why don’t you care about the business.

Stop being productive creates a burden on all other employees, and this turns you into someone who gets in the way of results. Your indifference generates a view that you are unskilled in the business, and can give you an image of helplessness.

5. Working is no longer challenging

Staying too long in a company in the same position can make you bored. Or being hired to do things you’ve already done and can do them even with your eyes closed is demotivating. It’s time to move on to new challenges.

6. Work in companies that are over-active.

In the same way that if you are having difficulties with the volume of work, or need other knowledge to perform your duties and believe you are not receiving the proper support, you could do better in a company that can offer you a better training structure.

7. Work in companies without innovative technology resources.

Although this strategy is fundamental for growth and, in many cases, for the survival of a company, many managers do not give due importance to it, as they consider its investment value too high. Look for the most digitized companies.

8. Small or owner-owned businesses.

Most of these entrepreneurs feel extremely stressed and worried about the financial situation of their businesses, but that even so, they would be interested in investing in new expansion projects, if their revenues improved. Investment is more difficult for those who are small, competitiveness requires investment. As the company is limited, it hinders career growth.

9. Low salary.

Not every company has the vision of investing in employees, offering benefits or providing an adequate work environment. If you tell HR that being a salary is way below the market and they can’t recognize its value, it’s time to change.

10. & nbsp; Values ​​and ethics are different from what you believe.

Business ethics can be defined as the study and evaluation of the decision-making process according to moral and common sense concepts. Organizational ethics can include both practical and well-defined issues, such as the obligation of a company to be honest with its customers, as well as socially broader and philosophical issues, as well as the responsibility to preserve the environment and protect the rights of its employees.

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