United HR reveals that job vacancies for CEOs and executives who present results in corporate social responsibility actions have increased

23 de April de 2021

The appreciation of the professional who works in social responsibility projects has attracted the attention of investors and candidates. CSR, (Corporate Social Responsibility), is the set of practices that express the company’s commitment to transparent ethics and focused on the development of the existing community around its enterprise, including the preservation of the environment, reduction of inequalities, reduction poverty, literacy, health and respect for diversity, and is influencing investors to hire leaders who know how to lead social responsibility projects.

United HR, (Executive Search and Outplacement Consulting) analyzing companies that remunerate their executives in part based on CSR performance as a basis, revealed that CSR-based hiring has led companies to reduce emissions, increase ecological patents or “Green” and improve social responsibility ratings. These actions, in turn, increased the value of companies in the long run and the attraction of executive candidates and CEOS to lead them, explains Márcia Pillat, North America CEO of United HR.

The analysis shows that investors demand that corporations make profits, but also improve their negative impact on the world, reducing waste, greenhouse gas emissions, cutting degrading supply chain functions or improving labor standards for workers. contributors. Consequently, the companies that link their executives’ remuneration to the degree of success with which they reach some Corporate Social Responsibility benchmarks have increased.

For Márcio Miranda, Latam CEO of United HR, the capabilities and skills of the new leaders encompass legacies: “business activities mean more than economic results. All companies are permanently evaluated as organizations with active participation in all dimensions of the life of the communities in which they operate. Dialogue with the community is one of the social responsibility practices that draws the most attention. Companies need to hold meetings with the residents of the municipalities where they are present. At these meetings, investments in social projects are discussed, and the ideal candidate should be remunerated for the results of these projects. ”

The survey points out that leaders who seek a greater objective underpin the organizational ethical culture, promoting a high standard of engagement of their stakeholders. They value people and their talents and make decisions that aim to establish reliable relationships, guaranteeing the integrity of the company. By adopting some social responsibility measures, shareholders, CEOs and directors reinforce their commitment to a legacy to society and to the values ​​declared in its Code of Ethics and Conduct, bringing credibility to their professional profile and business.

Alisson Soncine, Managing Director of United HR, explains that “voluntary acts by organizations that direct their activities towards social welfare, conduct their business aiming at the collective interest and not only profits. Social responsibility is linked to the concept of sustainable leadership, which is based on areas: cultural, social and environmental. The first is linked to the construction of the organizational ethical culture; the second is related to the idea that the company exists to serve society and the profit is the result of the efforts made to this end; the third, however, is the preservation of the environment. ”
The survey proves that a socially responsible company is constantly involved in social actions. It is not about assistance, but the institution’s commitment to its social function. The organization is responsible for the impacts of its decisions on society and the environment, adopting ethical, transparent behavior, taking into account the expectations of its leaders.

Gustavo Apostolico, Country Manager Global at United HR, says that “social responsibility actions do not exist to prevent sanctions, reduce taxes or comply with current legislation. The earnings of the socially responsible company are achieved in the long run. These actions aim to meet the needs of itself and society, because, in a business environment with crises, conflicts and inequalities, the company will be directly or indirectly affected. Contexts of conflicts and crises lead individuals to enter survival mode and this affects health, education, public security and consequently consumption retracts and business, highlighting the importance of the leaders of these projects ”.

The analysis of the research concludes that CEOs, Board members and directors must guarantee full autonomy to the compliance officer, the mapping of company values, realignment of vision, mission and declared values ​​that comply with the standards currently required by the market. p>

According to the United HR Consultancy survey, several projects can be developed for candidates for these functions: Conscious consumption; combating waste of paper; correct disposal of waste; increase the company’s participation in social projects; organize donations; build partnerships with sustainability initiatives; participate in sports and cultural projects; renewable energies, inclusion of diversities, combating hunger, poverty and disease, research, education and other activities.

“Os benefícios obtidos pela empresa socialmente responsável são infinitos, e por isso as empresas querem remunerá-los pelos seus resultados nestes projetos” explicam os especialistas da United HR:

– Melhoria da imagem e da reputação da marca, atraindo mais investidores e valorização das ações na bolsa;
– Colaboradores sentem-se engajados nos projetos, e ficam mais comprometidos com o sucesso do negócio e apreciam a empresa;
– Aumento da credibilidade;
– Aumento da competitividade em relação aos concorrentes;
– Uma empresa admirada tem maior capacidade de atrair talentos para a empresa;
– Desenvolvimento de novos negócios;
– Empresas com boa reputação são capazes de impulsionar o desejo de consumir em 78% (Fonte: Forbes);
– Os investimentos tornam-se mais rentáveis;
– Melhorar o mundo;

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