United HR Salary Guide for 2021 in the Human Resources area presents salaries ranging from R $ 13 thousand to R $ 80 thousand

22 de January de 2021

According to data from the United HR salary guide (international executive search and outplacement company), the Human Resources department of all companies had great value in the challenges in 2020 that continue in 2021. Labor regulations, adaptation of the home- office, humanized dismissals (outplacement), provisional government measures, increased productivity, employee health.

The concern of the leaders of all companies, according to the United HR survey, is to keep employees productive in the face of all adversities, while remaining healthy in the face of a pandemic.

“Another challenge was cost reductions due to the fall in productivity in some sectors, reduced working hours, adjustment of positions and salaries. The HR professionals most in demand at the moment are generalists, ”says Márcio Miranda CEO Latam of United HR.

Most companies had to change their culture and implement the home office urgently. Several issues had to be reviewed in remote work. Maintaining productivity, remote team management, recruitment and remote selection, explains Miranda.

This change that started in 2020 becomes an effective choice for many companies in 2021, who learned abruptly that remote work can be a choice even outside the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Márcia Pillat, North America CEO of United HR, she states that the positions of HR Vice President, HR Director, HR Head, HR Manager, Benefits Manager, Recruitment and Selection Manager were more valued. “The most requested skill is that of implanting digital innovations in corporate culture,” she explains.

Márcio Miranda, United HR’s Latam CEO, adds that this year’s HR professional is also the one who has the company’s business vision, to lead dynamically and be an agent of change. In addition to knowing all the HR subsystems, he must know the financial and technological area.

Many people do not want to return to the traditional way of working and want to continue remotely. Now most of the recruitment and selection processes are remote, explains Miranda.

The salaries proposed in the United HR Salary Guide for 2021 in the area of ​​Human Resources, vary for leadership positions in Middle Management at C-level from R $ 13 thousand to R $ 80 thousand:

  • HR Vice President – HR VP: Small companies from R $ 27 thousand to R $ 40 thousand / Medium and Large Companies from R $ 60 thousand to R $ 80 thousand.
  • Human Resources Director – Human Resources Director: Small companies from R $ 26 thousand to R $ 37 thousand / Medium and Large Companies from R $ 40 thousand to R $ 50 thousand.
  • Human Resources Manager – Human Resources Manager: Small companies from R $ 15 thousand to R $ 20 thousand / Medium and Large Companies from R $ 21 thousand to R $ 35 thousand.
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager – Compensation and Benefits Manager: Small companies from R $ 14 thousand to R $ 23 thousand / Medium and Large Companies from R $ 23 thousand to R $ 27 thousand.
  • Training and Development Manager & amp; Recruitment and Selection – Training & amp; Recruitment Manager: Small companies from R $ 15 thousand to R $ 20 thousand / Medium and Large Companies from R $ 20 thousand to R $ 26 thousand.

Gustavo Apostolico, who is CFO of United HR, adds that the United HR Salary Guide does not include other benefits such as stock options, commissions, profit sharing and results, which in the HR area can increase the remuneration on average by 20%.

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