United HR salary guide shows salaries ranging from R $ 25 thousand to R $ 70 thousand in the area of Information Technology for 2021

16 de December de 2020

Every digital transformation brought prominence to the information technology professional. All business models had to be reevaluated and innovated with great speed, guaranteeing a salary survey carried out by United HR (Outplacement Consultancy and Executive Search) with thousands of companies from different sectors.

“In order to attract technology talent and retain them, many companies have come to recognize the even greater importance at the moment of IT executives, and have created benefits and better salaries” says Márcio Miranda CEO Latam of United HR.

According to the survey to attract and retain the best professionals, the strategy most used by the governments of the human resources departments of companies worldwide was to increase wages. In order not to lose professionals, many companies inflated their salaries, especially in leadership positions. They also reviewed the benefits offered by the company.

In order for companies to remain at the top, all selection processes have also been accelerated, because the slowness of selection processes removes talents. Technology has become allied with business, and the most attractive and valued professionals have become those who invest in coaching, certifications, specializations in management, explains Miranda.

Investment in information security has come to be highly valued by the Chief Informations Officer, according to the United HR survey.

For Márcia Pillat, who was part of the United HR salary guide survey, the positions that stand out the most today are engineers, researchers, developers, business intelligence, and the Cloud.

“The positions of the future in the field of artificial intelligence are that of security architects and digital transformers”, says Márcia Pillat.

The skills and abilities most requested in hiring are speed, leadership, innovation and being visionary. All sectors of the economy demand IT professionals, but the greatest number of vacancies are concentrated in companies of Cloud, internet, e-commerce, banks, means of payment, telecommunications, according to research data.

The salaries proposed in the United HR Salary Guide for 2021 vary for Middle Management leadership positions at C-level from R $ 25,000 to R $ 70,000:

  • CIO (Chief Information Officer) R $ 29 thousand to R $ 61 thousand.
  • CTO (Chief Technology Officer) R $ 27 thousand to R $ 57 thousand.
  • CSO ( Chief Security Officer) R $ 24 thousand to R $ 50 thousand.
  • IT Manager (TI Manager) R $ 19 thousand to R $ 37 thousand.
  • Development Manager (Developer Manager) R $ 19 thousand to R $ 36 thousand.
  • Systems Manager (Systems Manager) R $ 17 thousand to R $ 32 thousand.
  • Data Manager (Data Manager) R $ 19 thousand to R $ 37 thousand.
  • BI Manager (Business Intelligence Manager) R $ 16 thousand to R $ 32 thousand.
  • Information Security Manager (Information Security Manager) R $ 18 thousand to R $ 37 thousand.
  • Infrastructure Manager (R $ 15 thousand to R $ 29 thousand.

The salaries presented in the United HR Salary Guide do not include other benefits such as stock options, commissions, profit sharing and results, which can increase up to 20% of a remuneration.

The home office today is the reality of all companies that had never incorporated this practice, and the recruitment and selection processes have also been changed, today they are more agile and with virtual interviews says Gustavo Apostolico director of the executive search division at United HR.

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