Why do Companies hire Outplacement for their former employees?

4 de September de 2020

Outplacement is known as a Human Resources process that is always done in the termination of your employee. It is a support for the professional, which makes them know how to better deal with the transition and their replacement in the increasingly competitive market.

This process is often hired by the company in order to humanize the process of dismissing employees, thus ensuring that they find new opportunities in the job market.

In the 1980s, in the midst of a crisis, large organizations felt the need to offer some type of assistance to their employees who were being dismissed, thus resulting in outplacement, a very important job in supporting former employees thus ensuring the reputation of the company on the market.

Hends Tabanez, CMO of United HR explains that companies hire outplacement because they are concerned with the image that they have been passing on to their consumers and associated partners. The concern with the positioning of the companies reaches the Human Resources area, making this attention to disconnected employees increasingly common and necessary. Introducing the outplacement process will contribute to the formation of an image, thus maintaining the climate and the agreement of the partners in this restructuring process.

It is in this process that the professional who has just been discharged will have the opportunity to remain employable in a delicate moment of his professional life.

Marcio Miranda, CEOLATAM of United HR, states that with the outplacement, a great reduction in the negative emotional load and stress in those responsible for the dismissal was noticed, thus promoting, internally and externally, the image of an institution that always values ​​and benefits its employees.

Douglas Pereira, United HR advisor says that in the outplacement process it enriches labor relations, thus improving its Human Resources policies, which are often considered not as coherent and outdated. Making the employees disconnected, do not feel left or simply left to their own devices.

It cannot be forgotten that this process empowers those involved in their dismissals, making them evaluate the alternatives for relocation in a more planned and structured way, before starting to look for a job.

With the increase in layoffs companies hire outplacement for their former employees

It must be emphasized that the traditional outplacement process must be understood as the process that will give the best support to the collaborator in their own search.

Other companies besides this planning, make an active search and indicate the companies and headhunters that have vacancies, and present it to the selection processes.

Gustavo Apostolico, career specialist at United HR (outplacement and Executive Search company), explains that after this executive career planning process, the profile of this executive can be presented to companies and the headhunters responsible for hiring . “We can apply this executive’s profile to companies that have open selection processes, he says“.

“Between March and June, layoffs decreased, mainly due to the workload and wage reduction agreements, which led companies to assume the legal commitment of not firing,” says Márcio Miranda, CEO of United HR, specialized in replacement of managers, directors and CEO’s (presidents).

“As of July, an increase of 30% in dismissals and hiring due to outplacement is perceived”, affirms Márcio Miranda.

Miranda assesses that companies plan to lay off thousands of people by the end of this quarter, “Several companies have been looking to us to organize humanized layoff programs for the next few months,” he says.

“Companies want to do more with less cost, which is characteristic of downsizing,” says the CEO of United HR.

According to him, several sectors of the economy are in crisis, and they hire them to be relocated in sectors that are on the rise. A strategy that is always used in times of crisis by outplacement companies.

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