Executive changes radically the career from Manager to Director, from construction company to real estate technology company after coaching process

20 MAR 2018  

Despite the uncertainties, companies will continue to invest in technology in the expectation of generating more revenue.


According to research by Gartner, the technology industry is expected to receive $ 3.7 trillion from corporations this year - it is a gain. Areas that will be heavily invested include software, devices (PCs, tablets, phones), IT services, communications services (telecom, networking) and innovative technologies for their business.

Gartner's vice president of research, John-David Lovelock, believes innovative technologies are driving increased spending this year. Companies are already migrating from big data projects, the latest "fashion" from the medium of technology, to those of artificial intelligence.

Within the process of coaching to seek positions of executives in the closed market is worked the self-knowledge, self-valuation and organization.

In this way, the executive feels safer and more aware of their choices affirms Márcia Pillat CEO North America of United HR.

The process enables the executive to understand issues such as his or her personal values, motivations, organizational culture so that the desired changes can in fact happen to find their executive adequacy. Through planning the coach develops a project that meets the alignment between the executive and the company, says Marcio Pereira CEO Latam of United HR, executive coaching company.

Executive Tiago Galdino served as Finance and Process Manager within Construtora Camargo Correa Desenvolvimento Imobiliário for almost 7 years and found a challenge in the position of CFO Brasil (DIretor Financeiro) within IMOVELWEB, following the United HR coaching project.

The company that hired him currently controlled by NAVENT, leader of online classifieds in Latin America.

n the process seeking a career upgrade is worked out organization, focus, decision making and task execution. However, the most important is the self-knowledge that allows you to understand your potentialities and ways to follow. The project that Márcia Pillat, CEO North America of United HR offered me, exceeded all my expectations.

With the project fully adapted to my profile, I was able to upgrade my career. I was occupying the position of Manager of Finance, Administration and Processes with Technology in Camargo Corrêa and today I occupy the position of CFO Brasil in ImovelWeb. The project developed with United HR was extremely fast and very useful for my career. Coach has the gift of understanding and absorbing potentialities and transforming them into actions and goals in a practical, direct and contagious way, says Tiago Galdino CFO Brasil of IMOVELWEB.

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