Outplacement Intelligency

Ajudamos empresas nas demissões de seus colaboradores!


MARKET ANALYSIS - Analisamos 80 setores da economia no mundo, esta análise é feita por profissionais específicos da área mercadológica. A UNITED HR desenvolve projetos específicos para setores da economia que atendam a necessidade do executivo em transição de carreira

CUSTOMIZED INDICATION - The market team develops an analysis of specific industries for each professional. Our projects and studies are tailor-made to find the industries that are hiring and in an upsize trend, and to discard the downsizing ones.

COMPANY ANALYSIS - We prepare detailed reports of the largest multinationals, such as: number of employees, turnover in recent years, information on the board members, CEO and managers of these companies, SWOT analysis, threats to the company’s industry, and opportunities.

This detail about the company helps the choice of meeting the hiring opportunities by the company, as well as the interest in making a career in the company. The career transition professional is also given details of the macroeconomic background of the UNITED HR specialists.

UNITED HR, through partnerships with international chambers of commerce, such as AMCHAM, places the executive in career transition in direct contact with different leaders of various corporations.

Through partnerships, we generate international missions in which the professionals in career transition visit companies from other countries to know their different cultures and values.

The participation in events of the International Chambers widens the networking by providing opportunities for access to the main Board of multinationals, helping the closure of potential hiring opportunities in specific markets, such as the American, the European, and the Asian, and in meeting the biggest players. Knowing new markets allows a move to different sectors of experience within the professional's CV.

The UNITED HR has helped career transition executives to move in the IT, capital assets, consumer goods, steel, automotive, construction, biotechnology, healthcare, electronics, energy, military, luxury and transportation industries to the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America.