Executive Search

Headhunters e empresas contratam talentos!

TOP Managment, (C-Level, CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, CBO entre outros) e MIDLLE Management (Gerentes e Posições Estratégicas)


We are leaders in hiring executives for managerial levels and for C-Level (general managers and CEOs), and also in composing the administrative board of leading organizations.

We have a deep knowledge of the Harvard tools that identify the candidates' greatest skills and competences within the coaching guidelines.

We dominate all sectors of the economy, and can really understand the culture of your organization to find an executive who fits in with your company's DNA.

The name of the company game is speed, and we can be agile in a recruitment and selection process.

Through an international network, we have a team of headhunters who advise the executives of the largest market companies when in search of relocation.

These executives have been terminated from companies that have undergone changes, cycle closures, mergers and acquisitions, or who are working.

They are talented candidates, leaders of large national and multinational companies, seeking the opportunity to be relocated in the market.

These professionals underwent an assessment of the current scenario of their careers, have planned which sectors of the economy, industries and positions are of interest to them, and have defined what are their career goals.

They are willing to listen to new job proposals and can be interviewed and hired.

CEOs and Boards seek us to design and implement succession plans, leader transitions, and candidate selection.

A sucessão de CEOs deve ser feita de forma estratégica para ser bem sucedida, para atender as necessidades dos investidores. Participamos de reuniões de conselhos administrativos das corporações para este desafio complexo:

   Succession Planning

   Board Dynamics

   Culture Formation