Carrer Transition Project

The most modern technology aligned with TOP Managment (C-Level, CEO, CFO, CIO, COO among others) and MIDLLE Management (Managers and Strategic Positions) in the transition of his career. Executives who are in cycle closure, or want to move without market confidentially even working!

We have developed the greatest resource on the market for people who want to tap into the main opportunities in the job market.

Through financial experts, we survey where the largest investments by companies, and by countries, regions and industries are being made. We follow the industries trends.

We follow the industries trends.

We have tools that evaluate the individual's ability to change industry in case this executive has been in the same industry for a long time. Market experts and headhunters will assess whether such industries can absorb him/her anywhere in the world.

Market Flash:

Executive presentation of the panorama of the industries of interest for his/her relocation.

   Top Players
   Market size
   Market share
   Swot analysis

A worldwide network of headhunters from the leading countries, experts in each industry, will receive the professional’s appointment according to his/her specialty.

A survey of thousands of companies by industry, in an international database, evaluates if the appointment of this professional to the company's chief executive is appropriate in a privileged and direct way.

Macro-industry analysis:

   Net profit disclosed
   Operating revenue
   Public Company
   Private company
   Numbers of employees
   Top executives
   Main shareholders
   Countries of operation

We monitor all hiring and layoffs in the market, and evaluate the possibility of an opportunity arising in the position of the dismissed executive. We develop career opportunity analysis in developing companies.

Investment analysis:

Indications to investment opportunities by companies:

    International Investments