Retailing is on the rise, which makes it possible for professionals to return to this sector.

United HR, indicated Helton Teixeira a management position at Carrefour in the textile retail division.

The clothing retail sector is expected to grow 3% this year, according to data released this week by Abit (Brazilian Association of the Textile and Apparel Industry). This growth is a reflection of the recovery of the fashion retail chain.


The data of the Association show a growth of 1% in clothing production. Textile production is also expected to grow by 1% in 2017. In all, the industry is expected to register revenues of R $ 135 billion, an increase of 4.6% over last year.

As a consequence, it is expected to generate 10 thousand jobs and an investment of R $ 1.75 billion in machinery and equipment.

The data signals the recovery of the fashion chain after a difficult year. Last year, clothing retail fell by 10.7%.

The textile and clothing sector lost 100,000 jobs. Clothing production fell by 6.7%. Last year, the sector invested R $ 1.67 billion in machinery and equipment.

This year will continue to be a year with many uncertainties, both nationally and internationally. However, there are some signs of improvement due to proposals approved by the government in the areas of social security, labor, taxation and debureaucratization. The consumer goods industry is active with the resurgence coming from the textile and clothing sector always react with speed, "United HR CEO Marcio Pereira said in a statement.

United HR, a career coaching company has appointed Helton Teixeira a management position at Carrefour in the textile retailing division. The new hiring changed the executive of Londrina to work in São Paulo. "Thank you for your contribution, it was very important in this process," said Helton Teixeira, taking on the new challenge to United HR's CEO Marcio Pereira. Helton Teixeira has always worked in the textile sector and saw the opportunity as a possibility for career growth.

Tissue and yarn production grew by 6.7% in volume from January to March and apparel production increased by 8%, while clothing and footwear products in the industry increased by 4.7% in the period. Source: (IBGE).

Marcio Pereira CEO of United HR, a coaching and career planning company, comments that these latest data point to the possibility of reviewing retail performance projections this year, and many people who have left the retail sector can seize this moment. "Retail is very broad and apart from the distribution centers that have diversified products, gas stations, pharmacies, restaurants, cosmetics stores, jewelers, furniture, including the luxury retail sector as international brands, "he says.

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